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You're probably here looking for something..perhaps it's our wide range of highland bagpipes, smallpipes or an electronic chanter? Or if you're a drummer, you may require a new set of snare drum sticks, tenor beaters or bass beaters? No matter what part of the band you're from - or what you play as a soloist - you can benefit from our array of high quality pipe band uniform goods and accessories such as sporrans and coloured socks and hosiery. Not to forget the drum majors who can browse our collection of mace poles, mace heads and mace pole bags. It's all here.
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BeatStreet Uniform Carrier


Price: £40.83 (£49.00 inc tax)

warnock_pc_small.jpg Practice Chanter Reed - Jam...


Price: £3.33 (£4.00 inc tax)

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PDX Model - White by BeatSt...


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pkg_small.jpg BeatStreet Jacket & Waistco...


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